My work arises out of the dynamic possibilities that arise from the use of the body in making marks on canvas.  I have a background in dance, and I started by making graphic notes of my observations watching other dancers, as well as experimenting with my own movements as I applied paint to canvas.

The intention is not to represent movement, so much as to attempt to penetrate the spaces between frames, so to speak, in movement.  What happens in the transition between one gesture and the next?  What, indeed, is movement?  How do we get from here to there?

I think of my paintings as performances that somehow stand outside time, where all the temporal elements exist simultaneously, leaving the eye free to explore their dimensions at will, in any order that presents itself, subjectively, to the viewer. 

But for me, the act of painting is also a performance, not merely the creation of a finished artefact, and I am currently focussing on projects that aim to prioritise the process over the product.